This information can be found in either the Terms and Conditions field on the tour & activity information page, or at the bottom of most Viator pages, under the link Terms and Conditions. is a complete online booking service and we offer 24 hour, 7 days a week customer service via email to support your booking questions. Our goal is to respond to each query we receive within 12 to 24 hours. Occasionally it may take up to 36 hours to reply. To make a booking over the phone, our call center is open 7 days a week: Mon – Fri, 09:00-18:00. Call +90 541 381 22 23. Please note that our call center hours are subject to change.

Hotel pick up points are either listed on the tour & activity information page, advised at confirmation time or you’ll be advised (on your printable travel voucher) to call the travel provider’s local telephone number 24 hours prior to confirm your hotel pick up details. Relevant travel service provider details are located on your Tour voucher under Important Information. It is suggested that you attach the tour & activity information page to the travel voucher so that you have all the information at your fingertips upon arriving at the destination.

The days of operation of every travel service can be found on each tour & activity information page under the Schedule Details section, or by viewing the price guide. Click on the View Price Guide link on the tour & activity information page to open a popup that shows the availability of the tour or attraction, in a calendar format.

Availability differs depending on the type of travel service booked. On each tour & activity information page, under the heading Additional Information the first line indicates whether a product will be instantly confirmed to you, and hence available, or if has to check with its travel service provider to receive confirmation within 12-48 hours. Availability cannot be automatically checked prior to processing your reservation request.

The times of departure or operation are found on the tour & activity information pages. Depending your accommodation can the time change a bit earlier or later. At booking for private we advise you the latest departure time.

We pick up from private residences as well or you can provide the nearest major hotel to where you are staying, and enter these details as the pick up in your booking request.

This depends on the travel service provider and will need to be asked directly to them on the day of the tour. Most travel service providers can drop you to a major hotel or city location, depending on their schedule on the day. You will need to check directly with them at the destination, prior to or on the day of travel

The meeting point for the beginning of every travel service can be found on the tour & activity confirmation whta we mail you. If you need directions to this point, please contact us. does not offer advice or information on visas, passports or health requirements. It is the responsibility of all travellers, regardless of the passport they hold, to check with the appropriate consulates to determine if any visas are needed. As these requirements are subject to change without notice, it is recommended that foreign visa, passport and health requirements are investigated prior to travel. accepts a maximum of 9 passengers per booking at one time. The travel services offers are specialized for independent travelers and small groups and we cannot guarantee that travellers in a large group will be seated. together. For groups of 9 or more please submit an inquiry tours can be booked online or also on site. Hotel products can only be booked online and paid 7 days before arrival.

The majority of the tours and services provided by are available in English and German. For another language please contact us

You can enquire a quote for any products at any time that suits you. Simple contact us direct at +90 541 381 22 23 or send us a mail to with the dates you desire to travel, the number of people required, and you will receive a live quote for that product. If the quote is acceptable, we proceed your booking confirmation.

If you require information about services outside of what is provided for by (such as hotel accommodation near the departure point for a tour), we will be glad to inform you. Please do not hesitate to contact us! offers a wide range of individual tours, events and attractions, however cannot arrange customized tours. If you require something a little different to what ever, please contact us at Our destination experts will prepare a tailor made activity for you.

Most day tours and sightseeing tours do not offer airport pick ups. Most city airports are located well away from the city centre and tour operators cannot offer a pick up service from these areas. If a tour does offer airport pick ups, this information will be listed on the product page. Please ask for our Airport transfer services and rates.

The confirmation process depends upon the booking conditions. Most tours are confirmed at time of booking, however others will be advised to you within 12-24 hours

At, we carefully select local agencies and their Destination Experts to ensure the highest standard of service before, during, and after your trip. We require our Destination Experts to have in-depth customer service experience, strong local knowledge and a genuine passion for what the itineraries they offer.


Direct contact with a local Experts means cutting out the costly middlemen. This is an innovative cheaper, faster and better way to travel. By consulting the reviews you have the opportunity to read about previous travelers’ trips and soon too share your own feedback about your experience. Last but not least, your payments are secured and transparent throughout the booking process.

A Destination Expert is a local representative of a travel agency which has carefully selected for their excellent services, local knowledge and passion for tourism. Once you have chosen your itinerary or your destination, the English and German speaking Destination Expert will work closely with you to personalize your travel according to your dates, budget and preferences.


When using our unique Trip Request Form, you have the opportunity to specify your personal preferences which will then be taken into consideration by the Destination Expert to help you to craft your ideal trip.

We select our Destination Experts by engaging in a detailed interview processes before beginning each cooperation; we thoroughly review the language skills, expert knowledge of the destination, passion for outstanding services and fair labor conditions. All Destinations Experts enter into a binding contractual agreement with before sharing an itinerary online. On-going quality assessment and training are mandatory for our Destination Experts.

Finally, our team also travels with some of our Destination Experts every year to ensure consistent quality on site

We want to give you the opportunity to select the flights and airline that best suits you, so flights to and from your destination are not included in the price. However, you can always ask the Destination Expert to include those flights in the quote.

We know how accommodation is important to you. With, the more diverse the trip, the more possibilities for different kinds of accommodation, from staying with a local family to spending the night under the stars in a tent. What’s more, no matter your budget, our destination experts will make sure you get the best value for it.

At, we value transparency and therefore require our destination experts to provide links and photos for every accommodation they offer. The accommodation has offered has been filtered down to three main categories:

The “Luxury Option” is usually a 5-star hotel which provides a remarkably high level of service and comfort. However, certain Luxury trips may have itineraries where no 5-star hotels are available; in such cases our experts choose the best available hotel for that location.

The “Comfort Option” is usually a 4-star hotel. This hotel level provides comfortable beds, room service, mini-bars, a great guest service, and sometimes spa facilities. Please be aware that trips in a comfort version may contain the odd night in standard accommodation. For instance, if a Comfort accommodation is not available in a destination or park. Here too, we recommend that you always ask your Expert if you have specific expectations.

The “Standard Option” is usually a 3-star hotel. Our experts carefully select this type of accommodation. It is usually a smaller and charming (with private bathroom) accommodation, which is often a family-run lodge, hotel or hostel. A great way to meet the locals. Please note that Trekking and Safari campings are marked as “Standard”, also when staying in tents. When selecting this Option, you can always ask your expert for a mix and spend some nights in a Luxury or Comfort hotel. Should your itinerary include more basic accommodation or no private bathroom, it would be displayed below the the daily description.

Simple and Basic. does not offer trips with Simple accommodation by default. However, when standard accommodation is not available, some trips might have nights in simple accommodation. This level usually comes with regular beds, a small bathroom which may be located outside of the room. If there is electricity in the area, then it is available to the guests as well. Cold water might be the sole option in certain areas.

Fianlly, when no other options are available, the destination expert can recommend or include a night in a basic accomodation. For instance, when the tourism infrastructure is not available yet or when staying with a local family.